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Elevating class engagement and CTS
Take class participation to the next level! Team-Based Learning (TBL) is a lot of work, but a lot of fun, too. TBL is highly interactive and shifts classes away from a didactic to a dialectic format.  Freely download sample TBL materials below or join in developing case studies to share.

A few postings to share while site buid-out continues ...

  • Journal of Entrepreneurship Education
    An overview of the TBL process as applied to teaching Engineering Entrepreneurship will be published in the Journal of Entreprenuership Education in 2011. Prior to publication a draft is provided here.
  • Engineering Entrepreneurship
    We are in our third year of using TBL in the MEM Engineering Entrepreneurship program at Case Western Reserve University; an article on this initiative is published on the TiME Website.
  • Other Material (to be organized shortly)
    Individual Readiness Assignment: Sample IRA,
    Group Grand Challenge: Sample GC,
    Process Overview (figures from Michaelson): Class Process.

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