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Ideas transformed into reality through interdisciplinary teams
Collaborative networks and consortiums bring together potential research partners from different organizations leading to dialogue that fosters pathways for applied research activity. Product prototyping is focused on specialized (sometimes esoteric) subjects. Often beginning with ideation and a customer Grand Challenge, the sample projects described below clearly indicate the very boutique nature of the prototyping projects we've undertaken.

What we're working on now ...

  • Human Performance Consortium: The Human Performance Consortium (HPC) was conceived as a forum to explore common goals among research organizations in Northeast Ohio to (A) Recognize the diversity and depth of human performance research in Ohio; (B) Find common ground on areas of human performance research; and (C) Foster collaborative programs between institutions. HPC can be viewed as a virtual Center of Excellence in Ohio, with the mission to explore and develop more complete insights and understanding of the following themes: Models for complex human systems; Human performance sustainment or protection at the limits of performance; Predicting and influencing behavioral responses to environmental stress.

    The HPC reflects a shift in the way research is organized and performed. As research teams become more specialized and advanced in understanding narrow facets of human performance, presenting complete “solutions to customers” becomes more challenging. Research organizations must learn to “collaborate to compete” and find innovative ways to work together in order to offer customers’ comprehensive solutions. The HPC network preserves individual team core competencies while focusing on customer needs and required functionality early in the development cycle. Understanding that a majority of human performance research has been funded by federal and state agencies, the HPC enables grater public return on those investments through the translational activities. We believe it is more likely collaborators will seek the practical application of their work through the consortium. HPC meets quarterly at various participant organization sites; there are no membership fees and the meetings are public forums open to all research organizations.

  • Electronic Materials Reliability Institute: The Electronic Materials Reliability Institute (EMRI) at Lorain County Community College has been formed to address advanced materials reliability in electronics and microelectronics manufacturing. Our vision is to be a leader in pragmatic educational approaches to the investigation of materials reliability, complementing contemporary approaches of developing curricula via institutes, moving students along the path of advanced degrees, and supporting skills required in jobs of tomorrow. There are three main objectives: (A) Technology training, (B) Partnerships with research organizations, and (C) Community economic development. EMRI is partnering with key organizations in Ohio—including ASM International and their affiliate the Electronic Device Failure Analysis Society, Case Western Reserve University, NASA, and the Air Force Research Laboratory—whose reach extends beyond Ohio to bring resources and to disseminate information throughout the country.

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